The Washington Times - February 8, 2010, 08:41PM



Governor David Paterson’s spokespeople are denying any possible-career ending scandal that will push him out of office as a result of a bombshell story The New York Times is said to have on him. Unconfirmed rumors relating to sex, drugs, and women appear to be the most brought up topics surrounding the story.

However, Mr. Paterson seems intent on running for office, as reports say he plans to announce his campaign for governor next week. Serving as Eliot Spitzer’s Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Paterson came to New York’s Governor’s mansion after Mr. Spitzer resigned in disgrace amid a sex scandal involving a prostitute.

“I think its going to have to be something really bad for him to resign.  He admitted to past drug use. I don’t think anybody would be surprised or necessarily all that shocked if he and his wife had an understanding. It would have to be something beyond the pale for him to resign,” a long time Albany insider with GOP ties said to The Washington Times Water Cooler.

The Washington Times learned from our Albany source that at least fourteen of Mr. Paterson’s security detail were transferred to other areas of New York’s State Police this past weekend. This is unusual, because Mr. Paterson reportedly doubled his security last year. However, New York news outlets are reporting that the New York Governor also kicked the State Troopers out of the Governor’s mansion recently, but a Democratic insider said, ” “but not because he was caught in any compromising position with a woman.” 

“I’ve been around Albany a long time and this is as strange as it gets,” he said after pointing out that he recognized a number of the names on the detail roster who were part of this transfer as long time government employees, who served previous New York Governors as security detail.

“If I were connecting the dots, I would say that it might be related to some disclosures that may be out there. It may be part of this story.  The time line [of the transfer]….there’s a certain logic there. It could be coincidental, but its highly unlikely. It’s a very big change.”

Mr. Paterson’s troubles are not likely to bother New York Democrats who want Mr. Paterson out of the race for the governor’s seat, so New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo can make the run for office instead, and our Albany source revealed, “From what I hear, people [Democrats around Cuomo] are not discouraging [the leaks about the story].”

 “I think they see it as an opportunity to close the door on his candidacy as governor which will allow somebody else to retain the office. I think they understand inherently that all this mess doesn’t exactly benefit them, but the sooner that its over, the better,” he said.

Mr. Paterson’s planned announcement for next week may be too much for Democrats to handle and another report from Elizabeth Benjamin at The New York Daily News says black Democratic leaders in New York from Rep. Charlie Rangel to Assemblyman Keith Wright met recently on how to push Mr. Paterson out of the Governor’s race, and wondered if a “soft landing” for him was possible.

It seems that Mr. Paterson goes through with the race, “a soft landing” may be out of the question. Democrats will be the ones to make it as hard as possible.