The Washington Times - January 12, 2010, 03:22PM

Boston political editor for Channel 7 News, Andy Hiller, declared GOP Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown the winner of last night’s debate between Mr. Brown and Martha Coakley. Surprised by his own reaction to the debate, Mr. Hiller gave the following analysis to his TV audience. (video below the transcript):

“Republican Scott Brown went for it all tonight and I think he got a good part of it. Martha Coakley was Martha Coakley—-a lawyer who looked and sounded like a teacher. As always she was calm, measured and unemotional, but unlike always she sometimes seemed tentative…even taken aback, and it was Scott Brown who made her that way. Brown knew what he wanted to say, and he said it. He was confident and personable, and he was aggressive but not so aggressive that he crossed any gender line” Mr. Hiller wrapped up his analysis concluding, “I’m sure this won’t be unanimous, but Scott Brown was my clear choice for the winner of this debate. He blended a soft clear delivery with hard attacks. Most important, watching him, you could imagine him in the U.S. Senate not the State Senate. Frankly I was surprised by tonight’s debate. Brown was stronger and Coakley weaker than I anticipated. If many voters who watched agree with me, then the next week of this campaign have more than enough excitement to make up for what had been a rather dull campaign until tonight.”