The Washington Times - January 13, 2010, 03:14PM

Obama may have vowed to fight terrorism, but he has a strange way of doing battle. With the news last week that New York City has estimated the cost of security for trying the 9/11 plotters at $200 million per year and the federal government likely to pick up that check, one has to wonder just how committed to this ‘fight’ the president and his administration really are.  

Pushing ahead with plans to bring enemy combatants within blocks of the site where they killed nearly 3,000 people just a few years ago is insult enough to the American people, but asking taxpayers to foot the bill and give the rights of U.S. citizens to foreign mass murderers is inexcusable—most especially in light of all the other exorbitantly costly bills Congress has been furiously ramming down taxpayers’ throats. 


New York Democrat Charles Schumer made the ludicrous statement last week that “not a nickel of these costs should be borne by New York taxpayers, because terrorism is a federal responsibility and this is a federal trial.” New Yorkers will be paying for this circus of a trial, too.

And we’re guessing $200 million isn’t the final annual estimate, either. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempted to compare the $200-million-plus per year tab to the $50 million spent on security at the 2004 Republican National Convention, but “it [is] difficult to assess how a 52-week security package would cost just four times as much as security in 2004 for fewer than seven days,” wrote blogger Al Baker on the City Room blog at The New York Times.