The Washington Times - January 14, 2010, 02:19PM

The Obama White House is apparently so eager to see the stalled cap and trade bill through the legislative process that it’s willing to give money to charlatans to get it done. According to NewsBusters, Michael Mann, the Pennsylvania State University professor responsible for the now-widely discredited “hockey stick” graph on climate change, last June received more than $541,000 in stimulus funds for research purposes. 

It is difficult to see precisely how falsified climate data will stimulate economic growth, but the timing of the grant coincides with the June 26 House passage of Obama’s “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009,” a shortsighted mammoth of a bill that promises to hike the price of all manufactured goods, thus driving down consumer spending and raising unemployment.


The ‘Climategate’-ensnared Mann is now under investigation by his employer institution for his attempts to fix global temperatures. But Penn State this month received almost $2 million (also in stimulus money) to research climate change. The cash didn’t go to Mann’s department, but can anyone tell us why a university is even getting research money from what was supposed to be an economic recovery fund?