The Washington Times - July 20, 2010, 03:56PM



In her Tuesday op-ed, “A government of the people’s every wish?”, writer Anne Applebaum opines on the “hypocrisy” of Americans.


From her lofty expatriate perch, Ms. Applebaum reports to us prolls: “If you don’t live in this country all of the time, and I don’t, here is what you notice when you come home: Americans — with their lawsuit culture, their safety obsession and, above all, their addiction to government spending programs — demand more from their government than just about anybody else in the world. They don’t simply want the government to keep the peace and create a level playing field. They want the government to ensure that every accident and every piece of bad luck is prevented, or that they are fully compensated in the event something goes wrong.”


This has to go down in the history of the Washington Post as one of the weirdest assertions ever to appear in the paper’s opinion section.


Let’s review the facts:

Budget cuts in Europe: Rioting. Budget cuts in the United States: Whining, backlash and political pandering.


Loosening government regulations in Europe: Nationwide strikes. Loosening regulations in the United States: Political debate.


Taxes in the United States: High. Taxes in Europe: Even higher.


Percent of GDP spent by government in the United States: High. GDP spent by governments in Europe: Nearly twice as high.


In Europe, the people have created a government so out of control that it tried to regulate the acceptable curvature of bananas.


So yeah, Anne, you’re right. Americans really do demand more from their government than anyone else in the world.