The Washington Times - June 3, 2010, 02:35PM

Those who still think the primary objective of the ‘activists’ aboard the Mavi Marmara ferry that was intercepted earlier this week by the Israel Defense Forces was to bring humanitarian aid to Gazans may have some difficulty reconciling the belief with some newly available IDF footage.

A video released today in Israel shows one of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” protestors telling an unseen interviewer: “When I went on the first convoy, I wanted to be a shaheed [martyr]. I wasn’t that lucky. Second time, I wanted to be a shaheed. Didn’t work. Third time, lucky, [with the help of God] I will be a shaheed.”


This guy wasn’t the only one on the flotilla hoping for martyrdom. Knesset member Hanin Zouabi, the first Arab woman to be elected to Israeli parliament, was also on the first flotilla, and according to fellow Knesset member Danny Danon she and the friends with whom she boarded the ship did so “as shahids who said that they knew that they might die in the course of harming IDF soldiers.”

Friends and relatives of three of the four Turks killed aboard the ship told Turkish media the men had been open about their intention to die in the course of waging war on behalf of Islam. In this case, that war happened to have taken the noble form of loading useless supplies onto a ship and, armed with the subterfuge of wanting to bring aid to an already-aid-saturated area, run a blockade instituted by a country that had the temerity to want to keep its citizens from being murdered. Really, were there ever three individuals more deserving of eternal Paradise and 72 dark-eyed virgins apiece than these guys?