The Washington Times - June 4, 2010, 11:23PM

By Tom Brophy

Welcome to everyone, and thanks for coming all the way up here to 125th street. We got a great show for you tonight… He is here all the way from our nation’s capital, that’s Washington D.C., home of Marion Berry, pork barrel spending, and the second black President, cause we all know that big Willy Clinton was the first… here he is, put your hands together, and but hide your wallets first… Mr. Barrack “Don’t call me Hussein” Obama.


We were warned, but no one listened. We all knew he had no real executive experience, but nobody cared. Instead of a seasoned thirty year veteran of Washington and his running mate, the Governor of the largest state in the Union, we chose; an infantile Senator, with almost no voting record, questionable relationships with radical left-wing organizations and leaders, a man that belonged to a church for twenty years where that pastor screams hate speak, and racism from the highest heights, and his running mate a grizzled windbag with a head that looks like a Barbie doll, and a mouth that routinely requires the jaws of life to remove the foot that has been shoved inside.

We chose Barrack Hussein Obama… and now we are paying the price of admission, and then some to watch this amateur attempt perform. There is a television show called America’s Got Talent… it ain’t in the White House.

Mr. Obama and his cast of Democratic actors that make up the majorities of the Senate and House are systematically destroying this country without any regard, to its history, traditions, citizens or future. He ran against George W. Bush, a man that wasn’t in the race, and campaigned to be open, honest, to bring in sweeping change and reform, but so far he has not delivered on one single promise: Gitmo is still open, the wars continue to rage on, the deficit has reached astronomical levels, large portions of the economy have been Federalized, sweeping reforms have done nothing but increase costs and Government bureaucracy, unemployment is at historical highs of over 17%, and an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was basically ignored by Mr. Obama and his Administration for weeks, and finally when they decide to engage in the debate and focus on the issue, their main concern in shielding themselves from the type of unwarranted criticism that they leveled at President George W. Bush, over Katrina.

Obama and his administration, instead of rallying behind British Petroleum to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf, instead of deploying the vast numbers of unemployed to help in cleanup efforts, instead of doing all they can to curtail and contain what may end up being one of the worst environmental disasters in recent history, they are preparing their political defenses, and looking to pass the buck at the first opportunity. I am not blaming Obama for the oil spill, just like I didn’t blame Bush for Katrina, although most the liberal media did, and certainly all of the people that voted for Obama did, but I do blame Obama for the most unprofessional, and amateur response to a disaster that any president has ever displayed.

Here is a thought… Work with BP to stop the spill. Work with BP to clean up the spill. Make BP pay the bill for all Government expenses from this disaster. Or, get off the stage and bring on the next act, hopefully it will be someone with actual experience as a leader, a not a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the radical left.

Tom Brophy is the Managing Partner of Linkzero Technology Solutions LLC.