The Washington Times - May 18, 2010, 08:39PM

Mark Roman at Big Government reported voting problems in the special election race on Tuesday to fill the Congressional seat once held by the late Jack Murtha:

The Precinct Judge of Elections at North Union 4 in Fayette County says she mistakenly gave 175 people 2 ballots this morning. She claims she thought the Special Election to fill the vacancy in Congressional District 12 required her to give a seperate ballot for the Primary and the Special Election. As of now, it is unknown the partisan breakdown of the 175 voters. Jack Murtha carried the precinct with 62% in 2008. His death in February caused the vacancy in the district.


I spoke with the Director of Elections of the Fayette County Election Bureau Larry Blossser who said, “We actually looked through the ballots to see what happened, and the individual was the [precinct] judge inadvertently gave the people two ballots. She thought the special election was on a ballot by itself. From what I can see, it amounted to eighty votes over.”

Mr. Blosser also said that he did not know which way the votes went over. “I have to look at the ballots. We showed everything up once we were aware of the problem. We brought new equipment out and re-started the election from that point forward,” he said.

Tad Rupp, campaign manager for the Republican candidate in the race Tim Burns is not satisfied with Mr. Blosser’s explanation. ” This is a county that’s had this problem many, many times, and every political reporter and every political observer in the state wasn’t surprised this happened in Fayette County,” he said. “This is an institutional problem they have down there.”

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