The Washington Times - November 23, 2010, 02:00PM

Freshman Democratic lawmaker Frederica Wilson, newly elected from Florida, first priority on Capitol Hill will not be to her constituents but to her own vanity. Ms. Wilson believes the House floor dress code that bans all members from wearing hats is “sexist.” This is interesting considering men are not allowed to wear hats either, and the rule goes back to the 1800’s when it was common for both men and women to wear hats on a daily basis. 

That being said, the House dress code not only applies to members of Congress but also the press. The Speakers Lobby, an area that is considered to be an extension of the House floor, is where press wait for members. For example, Men are expected to wear jacket, tie, and slacks. Women must wear slacks/skirts, blouses, and knit tops. Jeans, sneakers, sleeveless tops, and heavy coats, are not allowed.


With so much on Speaker-to-be John Boehner’s plate right now, it seems highly unlikely Ms. Wilson will be getting her wish anytime soon.