The Washington Times - October 7, 2010, 05:31PM

Things became a little intense on Thursday when Connecticut U.S. Senate candidates Linda McMahon, a Republican who formerly headed up World Wrestling Entertainment, and Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, locked horns over remarks each have made about the other one in the past. After attacking Ms. McMahon over her comments on where she stood on the minimum wage, Mr. Blumenthal referred to an investigation into McMahon’s WWE. Ms. McMahon accused Mr. Blumenthal of wrongly calling it “a criminal investigation.”


When Mr. Blumenthal denied this, she followed up by saying she would give him the “benefit of the doubt,” saying:

 “Maybe you just misspoke again when you talked about the criminal investigation like time you talked about serving in Vietnam, like the time you talked about you were not going to Vancouver for the trial lawyers for the fundraisers, like the time when even after you apologized for Vietnam then you mischaracterized again your draft status relative to your draft number and your reasons for joining the Marines, so I just want to say given how you misspeak and mischaracterize WWE from a standpoint of a criminal investigation, you did do that, you didn’t just do that on Monday night. You also did it on another occasion as well. I actually think, sir, it would be criminal for the United States Attorney to accuse a company of criminal activity and then to state that it was outside your jurisdiction.”