The Washington Times - December 2, 2011, 08:28AM

Kimberly Vay, an Atlanta woman who was a former business partner and friend of Ginger White, reveals in an interview with CBS Atlanta that Ms. White, the woman who is making an allegation that she had a 13 year sexual relationship with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, cannot be trusted. Ms. Vay sued Ms. White for libel in 2011 and won the case:

Watson:”During that time did she ever mention Mr. Cain?”

Vay: “No. Never.”

Watson:”Is that something that would have come up in your relationship?

Vay: “We talked about personal situations; we talked about personal interactions with people. I was surprised to hear it because I thought it would have been something that would have come up.”

Watson: “She says Mr. Cain was giving her money and flying her to locations. She never mentioned any of this to you?”

Vay:”No. Never.”

Vay sued White for libel after a business deal went bad. She says White sent an email out to former clients that falsely described her as depressed, a racist and a drug user.
Watson: “Are any of those accusations true?”

Vay: “No. She wrote a retraction letter admitting that she made up all those statements out of frustration and anger.”

Val said her interaction with White makes her question everything White says.


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