The Washington Times - June 6, 2011, 03:09AM

“The Undefeated,” a full length feature film directed by Stephen K. Bannon, walks viewers through 2008’s Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s life from her childhood growing up in Wasilla Alaska through her triumphant king maker status during the 2010 mid-term campaign tea party rallies. 

The film will premiere in Iowa later in June and rolls out as Ms. Palin continues her “One Nation” bus tour all over the United States. Mr. Bannon insists, however, Palin and her team have never been working with Bannon in the production, marketing, promotion, and distribution of his film saying he prefers not to work with PAC’s. However, Palin’s PAC did give Mr. Bannon access to individuals who he interviewed for the film’s story narration.


In fact, “Undefeated” is composed of mainly interviews of former Palin aides from her days as governor of Alaska or Mayor of Wasilla, conservative radio personalities, and TV news clips. Governor Palin is never interviewed, but Palin’s voice from the audio version of her book “Going Rogue” is used to move the film along.

The movie puts under a microscope Palin’s rise through GOP party ranks in Alaska from her time as mayor of Wasilla to becoming a whistle blower against her own party when she served as  Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairwoman. The bio-pic’s theme shows that for every victory or defeat Palin faces, she continues to battle forward regardless of the obstacles or adversity she continues to face.

Her success as Wasilla’s mayor certainly brought about fans who liked her plans that built needed infrastructure  but critics also attacked her and called her a spice girl, a cheerleader, or a Nordstrom girl. However, the movie explains her popularity, nonetheless, was more than enough to take her to a landslide victory into the governor’s mansion.

Here, “Undfeated” goes into detail over watermark legislation Governor Palin took on and lays out the battle over Alaska’s fight with Exxon Mobil in a fashion that has never been done before for the general public to consume. 

Palin saw the film recently and told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren she was, “blown away” by it. Mr. Bannon told reporters at a screening that Ms. Palin had never seen some of the footage he included in the film’s beginning showing her as a child and a teenager. 

Too often Sarah Palin has been dismissed by not just the Left by some on the right as a light-weight. “Undefeated” gives voice to a number of stories about Palin that were either glossed over during the 2008 presidential campaign or completely ignored.