The Washington Times - May 11, 2011, 10:45PM

Self-proclaimed and obvious fake tea partier, Jack Davis, a congressional candidate in New York’s 26th district, hit a cameraman on Wednesday in Greece, New York when the questioner asked Mr. Davis why he was absent from a political debate. (H/T Moe Lane at Red State) It should be noted that while Mr. Davis is running as a “tea partier” he has been revealed to be a Democrat likely trying to spoil New York’s special election for Republican candidate Jane Corwin.


Local TV news affiliate WIVB reports:

Jack Davis spokesman Curtis Ellis said, “You have an operative from an opposing campaign harassing and assaulting a candidate for federal office. This person was pushing a camera in Jack’s face, preventing him from getting in his car. Standing in his way, trying to antagonize him and trying to get video that would look like far more than what actually happened.”