The Washington Times - November 7, 2011, 10:11PM

Sharon Bialek is the first woman to publicly identify herself as someone who was groped by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Ms. Bialek has an interesting past herself. According to an ABC News report, in 1999 a media executive filed a paternity lawsuit against her. This happened before she had to file two personal bankruptcies: (bolding is mine)

In 1996, and part of 1997, Bialek was at the National Restaurant Association. After being let go from that job in mid-1997, she says that she went to Washington, D.C., to meet with Cain, president of the association, because she needed a job.

In 1999, Bialek’s son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

In 2001 came Bialek’s second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizable legal bills. That year she was hired by WGN radio where she worked until 2004 when she took a marketing job and then a job at WCKG radio.


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