The Washington Times - August 7, 2012, 01:15AM

The Hill is reporting that Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton and her detail were attacked by a swarm of bees in Malawi on Monday: 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tour of Malawi had an inauspicious finale on Monday as she and her detail were targeted by a swarm of bees at the airport.

Clinton and her detail were headed to board her plane at Kamuzu International Airport in the capital, Lilongwe, when a swarm of bees descended on the farewell gathering. According to press reports, Malawi and American officials scampered for cover while Clinton ran onto the jet for cover.

“There was a slight panic as the bees winged across the airport. People could be seen running away to keep cover as the Secretary of State swiftly boarded her plane to avoid any stings,” a witness told the Nyasa Times.


According to The Nyasa Times Clinton visited Malawi for a little over six hours which ” included holding bilateral talks with President Joyce Banda at the State House and visiting two US championed projects on girls’ education and food security.”