The Washington Times - February 10, 2012, 03:20AM

by Marion Gabl

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, Conservative web activist Andrew Breitbart and the Citizens United Productions team previewed a trailer of an Occupy Wall Street documentary that will be released in April. Amid rumors that Occupiers might attempt a CPAC infiltration, hearts skipped a beat when Breitbart and fellows paraded into the hall masquerading as occupy protesters.


But the only true occupiers present were jeered in film footage - knocking over bulky metal newspaper dispensers, defecating on police vehicles, and asserting themselves in other menacing ways.

The Citizens United documentary tells a narrative – one that discloses a hidden ideological agenda that keeps the Occupy movement charged. Occupy’s purported purpose, Breitbart attests, is intentionally vague, allowing for a myriad of followers who can project on it what they like.

“The same people who played up the artificial manufactured government manufactured Janet Napolitano Homeland Security, manufactured a threat on America of the tea party with the potential Timothy McVey violence,” Mr. Breitbart told The Washington Times Watercooler blog editor Kerry Picket on Thursday.

“Same apparatus, same structure, is conspicuously absent, from pointing out the clear and present threat that the Occupy movement represents to civil order in the United States, we’ve seen enough riots, we’ve seen enough threats. I’m a media personality, Newt Gingrich is a presidential candidate, there has been an open threat against both of us saying that Mitt Romney has security, secret service security, but they don’t, and therefore we’re going to be targeted,” he added.

The Citizens United film suggests that ACORN, anarchists, and anti-war organizations are central to the occupy movement’s continued presence. The documentary also unveils what Breitbart identifies as the “puppet masters” behind the demonstrations and so-called spontaneous movement: the Democratic Party and President Obama.

Breitbart’s colleagues include two former liberal activists, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan. Both have encountered severe condemnation from far-leftist media, Darby especially so for his role in notifying the FBI of poisonous Molotov cocktails that were to be distributed at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Violent opposition continues to threaten Conservative leaders. When asked about threats made against him personally, Breitbart’s response was not one of defeat: “The mainstream media is silent, the government is silent over this. They are tacitly endorsing these threats, and I think it’s very dangerous where we’re headed right now, but I’m not going to back down from my confrontations with this overtly violent and dangerous social movement.”

Whether you subscribe to the documentary’s portrayal or not, one thing’s for certain – the film’s unequivocal message, unlike Occupy Wall Street’s vague one, leaves very little room for projection.



Marion Gabl is a Washington Times Editorial/Opinion Page intern