The Washington Times - July 24, 2012, 12:05PM



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on “Fox News Sunday” the recent terrorist attack via suicide bomber in Bulgaria. The attack at a Bulgaria bus station killed five Israeli tourists. Netanyahu reiterated to Fox News host Chris Wallace that Iran along with Hezbollah its, “terrorist proxy,” were responsible for the attack and other acts similar to it.

“It’s the same modus operandi,” he said. “It’s them and we know it.”

However, did Mr. Netanyahu take a subtle swipe at the Obama administration for the White House’s incapability to handle intelligence information properly? The White House is under fire for suspicion of leaking classified information.

The Associated Press reported on Monday that Senator Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on Monday, “I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks.”

According to earlier reports, top Israeli officials already charged the United States for leaking Israeli military operations against Iran.

(Video - 4:52 in) “Here I am not surmising. I am giving you something that I know, as the Prime Minister of Israel. Because I know based on absolute rock solid intelligence that this is Hezbollah and that this is something that Iran knows about very, very well,” said Netanyhu.

“Do you know, you say we all know who the bomber was. Yes, we’ve seen a picture of the bomber, but do you know specifically his identity?” asked Mr. Wallace.

Prime Minister Netanhyahu answered, “Well that’s being pieced together right now but we know with absolute certainty— absolute certainty and not a shred of doubt that this was a Hezbollah operation, and at the encouragement and behest..”

At this point during the interview, Wallace points out that there appears to be questions from the Obama administration as to the identity of the suicide bomber in Bulgaria and asks the Israeli leader, “If I may ask sir, because there has been some question on the part of the Obama administration, can you give us any of that evidence…hard evidence?”

“We certainly gave it to the appropriate agencies…friendly agencies in the world,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu did not specify which “appropriate” or “friendly” agencies he was referring to, and he did not say one way or another if the Israelis were sharing any of their evidence with American intelligence officials.