The Washington Times - November 6, 2012, 04:57PM

Ohio Summit County Republican Party volunteer Wayne Darlington was passing out GOP slate cards at his Coventry precinct at 9AM on Tuesday before the busy Akron polling location.

According to Mr. Darlington, an angry man in a pick-up truck, who was looking for a parking spot, began yelling profanities at Darlington and said that the GOP volunteer was not allowed to be standing where he was.


“He started a profanity laced tirade like ‘As***le, you shouldn’t be here.’ I ignored it the first cycle through. He repeated the same thing. At that point , I pointed to him where they spray painted on the sidewalk where the 100 foot mark was and I said, ‘By Ohio law I can be here. I’m where I’m supposed to be.’ And he started a third profanity laced tirade,” Mr. Darlington told me.

“At that point he grabbed a cup of coffee out of the console of the cup holder of his pick up truck and threw it across the vehicle and splattered it on the door panel and windshield, catching me in the face and the chest and actually splattering some signage and literature that we had about six feet beyond the truck,” Mr. Darlington explained.

Darlington said that the coffee was still hot and at that point he told the driver he was calling 911 to file assault charges against him. Two other individuals, who Darlington says work for the Democratic Party witnessed the incident and also spoke the officer.

“I got his tag number double verified it and contacted the sheriff’s department. They sent an officer out who looked at the physical evidence, and he talked to the guy,” Darlington said. A phone inquiry to the Summit County, Ohio Sherrif’s Department on this incident was placed but not returned in time for this post.