The Washington Times - October 11, 2012, 09:51PM



Vice President Joe Biden went into hysterical laughing fits, particularly when Rep. Paul Ryan was talking, during the vice presidential debate on Thursday night in Danville, Kentucky. The Republican National Committee is already going after the vice president’s behavior and just posted the ad above. A number of media commentators found the Biden’s laugh and his constant smirk disturbing.  Here are few who weighed in on Twitter:

@ErinBurnett: #Focusgroup scoring Biden negative on #libya. #cnndebates

@piersmorgan: Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential. #PMTdebate


@EricWeisbrod Ryan scoring high among women for saying we shouldn’t apologize for our values. #cnndebate


‏@davidgregory Biden’s smile is out of control. #NBCPolitics 


@AmyeWalter: Seriously, Joe Biden, the laughing/smirking is not working for you. Very curious to hear what voters at home think of it. #debates


@ChuckTodd: Biden laughing a lot… the smirks; all on the split screen. Wonder how it plays with some; Dem base may like it; GOP base hate it; middle?


@LarrySabato: SNL will have to devote entire show just to Biden’s facial expressions. 

@TheFix: Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling. #vpdebate 

@JBarro: Biden smirk is… not good.


@TheFix: I do think Biden is on the verge of condescending/body language here in his tone. #vpdebate 


@mpoindc: Biden really has to rein in his mannerisms. #NBCPolitics 

@ralstonreports: Biden’s facial expressions guarantee he will have a talk show after his elected career, but may not be good for a debate. 


@Bryan_Llenas: Looks like its Joe “the joker” Biden tonight. I guess aides told him don’t look down—just smile! #VPdebate #Debate 

@msynan Biden laughing at Ryan again 

@MarcACaputo Did anyone tell Joe Biden about the perils of the split screen and the poker face it can require? 

@betsymtp: Biden constant smiling is reminding me of Gore constant sighing in 2000. #nbcpolitics 

@MarcACaputo: Did anyone tell Joe Biden about the perils of the split screen and the poker face it can require?

@hollybdc: I wonder how Obama folks are feeling about Biden’s laughs and eye rolls