The Washington Times - April 17, 2013, 12:42PM

Lawmakers are on myth patrol now that new immigration reform has at last debuted on Capitol Hill.

It’s a matter of “myth Vs. fact,” says Sen. Marco Rubio, who is vigorously controlling the trajectory of the new legislation through press and public. No one wants the bill to be equated with massive healthcare reform paperwork that was more than 2,000 pages long and drew much critical coverage during its time.


“The myth: The immigration bill will be well over 1,500 pages,” the Florida Republican proclaims.

“The fact: The ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013’ is 844 pages long,” he clarifies.

Mr. Rubio has offered the legislation in full - plus a clear summary and frequently asked question - at his website ( Check under the Newsroom heading Press Releases section. It’s all listed under the handy-dandy title “Rubio and Colleagues Introduce The ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act Of 2013’”

Mr. Rubio and the aforementioned colleagues are not going to be hurried along, either.

“The bill will not be rushed to Senate floor for a vote,” they note in the summary. “Most bills in Congress are given a only few days of consideration before they’re brought to a vote - and sometimes even less (like the fiscal cliff bill that passed on New Year’s Eve, only a few hours after it was written and introduced). That is wrong, and Sen. Rubio has said he would not support this legislation if it was rushed through.”

They also want multiple hearings, and predict, “The earliest this legislation could pass the Senate is months after it is first introduced.”