The Washington Times - August 14, 2013, 10:33AM

Now underway, it’s Republican National Committee’s three-day summer camp in Boston, which is weighty with agenda and sports this jaunty, marketing-minded title: “Making It Happen.” The kick-off moment? A workshop with Newt Gingrich and RNC chairman Reince Preibus called “Becoming the Party of Breakout.”

There’s also some feisty stuff afoot, pointing to disarray among rivals. Organizers promise to take a day-to-day look at the Obama White House and proclaim in advance materials, “Have you seen The DNC? With Obama’s agenda stalled and Democrats already looking to 2016, the Democratic National Committee has gone missing.”


The DNC, they say, has a “staggering level of debt.” They also accuse DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz of “building political muscle for herself and angering fellow Dems.”

The events are all meant to showcase rising stars, local efforts in selling the GOP, new political and technology initiatives, and - oh yes - fundraising efforts.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be in the house, along with former senator Scott Brown, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and former Puerto Rico Governor Luis G. Fortuno.

Not among them, however: Mitt Romney, who only surfaced last week for the first time for a local fundraiser near his lakeside summer home in New Hampshire.