The Washington Times - August 26, 2013, 09:56AM

It’s a conservative political action committee with one very aggressive purpose: “to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States,” the organizers say. They insist that “the American way of life is under attack and Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next generation of liberal creep on our Constitutional rights.”

Stop Hillary PAC has won its first congressional endorsement from Rep. Steve Stockman, a spirited Texas Republican who does not shy away from the public arena himself. The organizers predict it is the first of numerous endorsements, also noting that they’ve already raised “hundreds of thousands of dollars” and accrued thousands of signatures supporting their efforts.


“I’ve joined with Stop Hillary PAC to gather millions of petition signatures to pressure Congress into holding full and open hearings on the Benghazi tragedy. I’ve filed a discharge petition with the House of Representatives forcing an up or down vote on authorizing a full committee hearing,” Mr. Stockman says.

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