The Washington Times - February 27, 2013, 10:35AM

“This is it. By the end of today we must raise $59,037 more to reach our $1 million fundraising goal,” the Tea Party Patriots declared in a last minute email to supporters on Wednesday.

And they made it, says Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the group.


“Four years ago Americans across the country came together to oppose fiscal irresponsibility and the federal government’s assault on our Constitution. Now, Tea Party Patriots across the country are pushing the movement ahead into its next phase as we build upon our victories,” she says.

The Patriots, the largest umbrella organization for the grassroots movement, has been seeking small donations in the last nine days - a “money bomb” - as proof of their political prowess in uncertain times, but against certain foes.

“Both the big-government Republicans and Democrats are carefully watching our progress. They truly believe that only ‘professionals’ can make a difference in politics,” the Patriots noted in a last minute appeal for funds.

No one soft-pedaled annoyance with both political parties.

“They don’t believe in grassroots. They don’t believe it’s possible for ‘ordinary’ Americans to raise $1 million in just ten days. And they hate the tea party,” the group said in an email.

“We have to show the cronies who are ruining this great country that the tea party movement is stronger than ever, and that we have the organization to pull off something truly big and historic,” they added.

“We are a force to be reckoned with. Yet the political establishment in Washington still won’t listen. The Democrats are too busy looting the U.S. Treasury while the Republicans are serving as their lookout.”

The Georgia-based organization represents some 3,200 local groups.