The Washington Times - February 27, 2013, 05:22PM

Morrissey is one of the most popular and studied English rockers of all time. He’s also a activist. And because of that, he’s often asked to expound on any number of public policies areas. In a recent interview with, he had an interesting solution for creating a more peaceful world: we need more gay men.

“War, [is] the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it. Women don’t go to war to kill other women. Wars and armies and nuclear weapons are essentially heterosexual hobbies.”


And war isn’t the only thing the singer doesn’t like. Closing out the interview, the singer said successful entertainers Beyoncé and Justin Bieber have ‘absolutely nothing to offer anyone.’