The Washington Times - January 11, 2013, 02:40PM

There is something about a heroic man in uniform, particularly when it comes to an audience of admiring women and a worthy cause.

The GI Film Festival, in fact, will auction off dinner dates with the “most eligible military bachelors” in the nation’s capital at month’s end. The nonprofit, educational festival is dedicated to those uncommon movies and video projects that showcase the the military experience “in and out of the arena of war.” The funds go to the festival later this spring.


But back to the bachelors. Festival organizers have partnered with Sip With Socialites to stage the event at the Embassy of Austria on Jan. 31. Yes, there’s a live auction of the manly men plus much music, open bar, swanky edibles and a $30 admission price.

It’s all meant to support “real life military heroes,” says Laura Law-Millett, co-founder of the film festival. The bachelor lineup will soon be displayed here: