The Washington Times - January 22, 2013, 07:41PM

It’s a broadcast behemoth, billed as the biggest TV on the planet.

We’re talking 16 feet wide here.


Indeed, the brand new “C Seed 201” measures 201 inches across. And interesting. This big TV was not developed by high tech experts in, say, Japan, but by Austria-based Porsche Design Studio. Yes, as in Porsche, the car.

The “C Seed” uses 725,000 LEDs which display 4.4 trillion colors; there’s also a biometric fingerprint sensor to prevent “unauthorized use,” plus a dozen speakers and three sub-woofers. Naturally, it’s compatible with Blue Ray, HD-TV and gaming consoles of every persuasion.

The waterproof model rises up from a 15-foot hidden shaft and unfolds like “origami”; the makers insist it’s best for outdoor use. Or maybe on a yacht. A very big yacht.

The starting price is $655,789. The manufacturer aims to sell about 25 of them this year, and yes, there’s already one installed at a swank event site in Vienna.

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