The Washington Times - March 25, 2013, 02:49PM

Mark the calendars, get out the noisemakers.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared Thursday to be the “National Day to Demand Action.” He’s recruiting anyone and everyone to call, email or Tweet their lawmakers and demand a fix of “our broken gun laws,” this following a $12 million ad buy in a dozen states touting the very same cause.


Mr. Bloomberg also is pushing a terse public petition that simple reads “Members of Congress: Take action to end gun violence,” showcased on a new activist website

“We demanded a plan and we got one. We demanded a vote and we’ll get one,” says Mr. Bloomberg, who paid for the ads out of his own pocket and is co-chairman of the 900-member Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

“While they are home for this recess, members of Congress will hear directly from their constituents who support sensible gun law reforms like expanded background checks,” said fellow co-chairman and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.