The Washington Times - March 28, 2013, 11:01AM

Here’s the count: 37 Democratic senators have signed a letter asking President Obama to appoint Jessica Rosenworcel to direct the Federal Communications Commission; she is currently the commissioner of the federal agency. But money, rather than gender, may talk louder.

“The current front-runner, according to a number of sources, is Tom Wheeler, the managing director of a venture capital fund based in Washington,” says Russ Choma, an analyst with the Center for Responsive Politics.


He points out that Mr. Wheeler was the former president of the National Cable Television Association and a lobbyist for the Cellular Telecom and Internet Association.

“He’s also a friend of Obama’s political campaigns,” Mr. Choma adds.

“In 2012, he gave the maximum of $5,000 to the Obama campaign, but more significantly, he tapped his personal and professional networks to convince others to give to the campaign, ‘bundling’ at least $500,000 in donations. In 2008, he was also a bundler, pulling together a more modest figure somewhere between $200,000 and $500,000, and according to Center for Responsive Politics research, gave the maximum $33,100 to the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”