The Washington Times - May 9, 2013, 10:26AM

The Lone Star way of doing business has attracted the attention of the White House, and for good reason. Texas is holding its own on the economic front; Gov. Rick Perry has dug in his boot heels and made the state an appealing destination for businesses both out of state and abroad.

He is not shy about tracking the accomplishments, or sharing the results with the press. The approach works.


President Obama journeys to Austin today on a “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour,” set to visit a science and math-centered high school, visit workers at a high tech manufacturing company and talk about job creation and the minimum wage.

“I hope the President will come to Texas ready to take a few notes and learn from one of the most successful states in the nation when it comes to job creation and economic growth,” says Sen. John Cornyn.

His advice for Mr. Obama is something that Mr. Perry has already put into practice.

“As the nation’s economy continues to remain stagnant, I hope he’ll see the power low taxes, reasonable regulations, and a business-friendly environment has in driving a Texas economy that continues to grow and put people to work,” the Republican lawmaker observes.