The Washington Times - November 26, 2013, 09:48AM

“This study asks whether biological daughters affect political party identification, traditional views of women, or opinions about abortion and teen sex. We find that female offspring promote identification with the more conservative Republican Party, but this effect depends on social status. There is no evidence that daughters promote liberal views of women and less consistent evidence that they influence views of abortion or teen sex,” state Dalton Conley of New York University and Emily Rausche, of the University of Kansas.

Both are sociologists.


Their new findings published in the Sociological Forum suggest that parents with daughters are more likely to be Republicans. The research disputes previous studies that found parents of daughters tended to be Democrats.

“Their findings are consistent with a recent study that found boys who grew up with sisters in the house were more likely to identify as adults with the Republican Party,” says Rich Morin, an analyst with the Pew Research Center who pored over the complex research.

“But why would having a daughter cause parents to become more Republican? The authors speculate that men and women might want more socially conservative policies when they have daughters and thus be more attracted to the GOP,” Mr. Morin concludes.