The Washington Times - October 21, 2013, 03:09PM

“Liberalism reigns in the White House, but America remains a conservative nation at heart,” write Nile Gardiner and Stephen Thompson, authors of “Margaret Thatcher on Leadership: Lessons for American Conservatives Today,” just published by Regnery Books.

“Margaret Thatcher succeeded because she understood the concerns of the conservative grassroots on core issues such as the economy, government spending and taxes. She won over millions more to the conservative cause not by watering down her message or shifting her position, but by presenting an attractive vision of economic freedom,” the authors note.


On shelves just 10 weeks before 2014 dawns, the publisher calls the book a “practical and inspirational” guide.

“She made the conservative party more open and inclusive. Lady Thatcher understood that conservative principles are for everybody, not tied to special interest groups or trends,” Regnery says. “Conservative ideas must win people over first, before conservatives can win their votes later.”