The Washington Times - October 29, 2013, 10:25AM

Sen. Ted Cruz attracts much criticism. But he also may attract imitators, even on the Left.

“It is time to admit that Ted Cruz is not as craven as he seems. A fraud, a wacko bird, a fool, an amateur, Jim DeMint without the charm - yes, all the names his fellow Republicans are calling the senator from Texas bear the sting of truth. But you have to give the man this: he has the courage of his convictions and the nerve to use a diversity of tactics to advance them,” points out Richard Kim, executive editor of The Nation in an analysis of the Texas Republican.


The publication, founded in 1865, has been described as the ‘flagship of the Left’, incidentally.

Mr. Kim expects more efforts by the GOP to further discredit Obamacare, he says. But it appears that the left leaning factions may be searching fro a standard bearer.

“Democrats should, of course, push back against the GOP’s lies and sabotage, but is it too much to ask that at least one Democrat in Congress use this occasion to make the obvious point that a single-payer system would have been simpler and better? I know what a left-wing version of Ted Cruz would do,” he later concludes.