The Washington Times - October 9, 2013, 10:35AM

It is the ultimate challenge for powerful men in the nation’s capital who know the value of a flawlessly shaved cheek and a haircut to be reckoned with:

“Don’t let the shutdown hinder your handsomeness,” say those who purvey the tools of the trade.


“The government may be shut down in Washington, but the business of handsomeness shouldn’t be compromised,” notes an urgent outreach from the Grooming Lounge, an upscale retailer where manly fare from the likes of Molton Brown and Aqua de Parma is the norm. There are two shops in the area, one about six blocks from the White House.

The company is now offering a 15 percent discount for federal employees languishing under the shutdown.

“The purveyors of handsomeness at Grooming Lounge are doing their part by keeping the furloughed relaxed and looking their best at a price they can afford. The only exception? The deal doesn’t apply to members of Congress just yet - they have work to do and can receive their discount after the government is back up and running,” the company advises.