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CBO numbers will change everything--again

 Some members who are either "no" or "yes" votes could also change as well. The CBO numbers will also affect how the Democrats will go about procedurally and whether or not the Party will use the much criticized "deem and pass" measure to pass the Senate version of the health care bill through the House with out members voting on the actual legislation.

Slaughter says her solution is 'constitutional'

Emerging from a meeting with Democratic leaders in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D - CA) office today, House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter (D -NY) discussed the constitutionality of the "self-executing rule" she has condoned.

Pelosi: 'Will do what is necessary' to pass health care bill

At a press conference on Medicare today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) addressed reporters' questions concerning the unusual procedure known as the "self-executing rule" that would "deem" the Senate version of the health care bill passed in the House sans any member voting on the actual health care legislation.

Pelosi: Nobody wants to vote for the Senate bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D - CA) insisted at a presser this afternoon  "The only reason to oppose the bill is that you do not support health care reform, and we are taking a vote and I am anticipating the support of those who support health care reform. I will not be deterred by misrepresentations, but her statements to progressive media today appear to justify Rep. David Dreier (R - CA) and other GOP'ers concerns.