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Video: Byrd compared 2005 'nuclear option' strategy to Nazi tactics

It should be noted that Sen. Byrd went after the Republicans in 2005 and compared their strategy to Nazi tactics (see video and transcript below) when Republicans considered using their majority power to halt an unprecedented filibuster mounted by the Democrats against President Bush's judicial nominees. Democrats called it the "nuclear option" while Republicans argued that the Constitution only required members to "advise and consent" on the president's nominations, with no provision for a super-majority, so Republicans called it instead the "constitutional option."

San Francisco H.S. ethnic studies courses offer more than a generous grading curve

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that San Francisco high school students, starting in the ninth grade, can earn San Francisco State college credit in the fall by taking ethnic studies classes. The student does not get a letter or number grade. A student can simply receive a "pass" or may withdraw from the class if it looks as if he or she will fail.

Video: Rep. Pelosi's changing statements on tea partiers 2009 - 2010

    Last year, Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D - CA), accused tea party protesters of waving swastikas. She called tea party rallies "astro-turf". Today, however, she claimed tea partiers and Democrats have some things in common and that the GOP has hijacked the tea party movement for its gain.    

Rangel office mum about staff changes after ethics admonishment

New York Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel who is also the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee blamed his staff for the violation of a House Rule an ethics panel is admonishing him for. “Common sense dictates that members of Congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing or mistakes or errors of staff unless there is reason to believe the members knew or should have known,” said Mr. Rangel. Four Democrats are already calling on him to step down from his chairmanship. 

Brits to throw a Boston tea party in Brighton

Our Founding Fathers would have never thought that over two hundred years later, British subjects would be throwing a "Tea Party" after being inspired by American activists overseas who demanded smaller government from their own policy makers in Washington.