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The Water Cooler is written by Washington Times staffers.

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Mid-term campaign weekly round-up: March 12, 2010

Mid-term election season is well under way, and 2010 is likely to be a remarkable year for a number of statewide elections with challengers taking on incumbents sitting in Capitol Hill offices and Governor seats across the country. The Water Cooler will begin a weekly round-up of some these races and other stories relating to the elections happening around the nation, so be sure to stop by and check out who may be running for office in your state.

Democrats gamble on mixing student loans and health care

Democratic leaders in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are still figuring out how to merge the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act [SAFRA] into the budget reconciliation package, but Democrats may have taken on a more difficult task than originally realized.

When will Paterson call a special election for Massa's district?

New York's 29th congressional district is without a representative since former Democratic congressman Eric Massa resigned in disgrace on Monday amid scandal. It is up to New York's Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, who is embroiled in controversy himself these days, to call a special election in order to fill the vacant seat.

Beware...Massa is far left and may still have honesty problems

Former Congressman Eric Massa may still have problems with the truth and just because he is sticking it to liberal Democrats this past week does not mean he has changed his ways. Mr. Massa accused The Washington Times' Water Cooler blog of not showing all the facts when we caught him on video telling a crowd of Net Root Nation attendees he would vote against "the interests" of his district.

Conyers bribery scandal sentencing

Democratic congressman John Conyers' wife, Monica, former president of the Detroit city council, is set to be sentenced on Wednesday. There are reports the prosecutors are asking for four years or more in the slam.