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Brown to Mass. officials: Certify me now

A letter from Dan Winslow, attorney for Sen.-elect Scott Brown (Massachusetts Republican), is asking Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and his Secretary of State William Galvin to certify Mr. Brown "immediately."

Blowing smoke?

The government repeals tobacco price supports, compensates owners for their government-created tobacco crops. 

Rep. King: Pelosi should be concerned about upcoming CIA doc dump

The public interest group Judicial Watch announced on Tuesday that a court order issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia states the Central Intelligence Agency must give Judicial Watch documents regarding congressional briefings on "enhanced interrogation techniques” by April 15 of this year. Judicial Watch is seeking documents detailing CIA briefings involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and/or her staff.

Sen. Bill Nelson: I'll hold White House's 'feet to the fire' for NASA

Government funds that would help return America to the moon were eliminated in the White House's proposed 2011 budget. The budget reveals that the Obama administration has scrapped the Constellation program started by President Bush in 2004. The program was meant to take us back to the moon by 2020. President Obama's new budget calls for investing about $6 billion over five years to create commercial rockets that would send astronauts into Earth's low orbit.

Obama's SOTU speech scores readability of an eighth grader, two grades below GWB

Former Presidents George W. Bush  and Ronald Reagan did not have it easy when it came to critics attacking their intelligence, while President Obama, Former Vice - President Al Gore, and Former President Bill Clinton have been hailed as brilliant. Here is an interesting nugget of new information, though. President Obama blamed himself for not being able to communicate his message properly to Americans, but a new analysis of the president's State of the Union speech, brings to light why Mr. Obama could be having problems in this area.

Wind turbines fail in Minnesota's cold weather

President Obama is telling Americans to count on the creation of "green jobs" to help ease the rising unemployment in the country. These green-energy failures only further the concern that pinning the country's economic salvation on the hopes of an industry still facing performance issues hardly makes any sense.