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Coakley camp says tainted ballots with Brown vote being passed out, poll warden says voter error

The Martha Coakley campaign has put out a release claiming ballots already marked with Scott Brown's name are being handed out. Before the Coakley camp released this information, I visited a polling precinct located at the Alexander Hamilton School in Brighton and the precinct warden told me about a similar circumstance, but he attributed it to voter error not a dirty campaign tactic

Video: Coakley dodges questions from media, hides behind labor

After Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley addressed the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on Monday, she quickly answered some questions from reporters but dodged issues regarding negative campaign tactics and reports that the White House is preparing for her loss on January 19.

Video - Chris Matthews: It looks like Brown 'by double digits'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews appeared distraught this morning when he reported to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski that Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos told him that Republican Scott Brown is leading Democrat Martha Coakley "by double digits"in all three "Bellweather areas" of Massachusetts.

Boston radio station creates parody of Coakley attack ad

Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley's campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts has become so desperate, her negative campaign ads attacking her opponent ,GOP state Senator Scott Brown, has been relegated to reminding voters in the state that Mr. Brown is a *gasp* Republican. Boston radio station 96.9 WTKK found the Coakley ads so amusing, the station created a parody of them.

Ed Schultz: I'd cheat to keep Brown from winning

Radio Equalizer's Brian Maloney captured MSNBC's Ed Schultz making a startling remark on his radio show yesterday about supporting voter fraud in Massachusetts, so Scott Brown would lose. The audio is below along with the transcript.