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Critic wants to see teen abortions on MTV's '16 and Pregnant'

Steve Ertelt at Life News is reporting that the successful MTV show "16 and Pregnant" is returning for a second season. The show follows 10 pregnant teens in different life circumstances.  A pro-choice blogger is not pleased that the program does not depict a teenage girl who chooses abortion.

Video: Rep. Kennedy tells Rhode Island he will not seek re-election

After calling Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's candidacy "a joke" and facing tough re-election odds in his home state of Rhode Island, Democratic Congressman Patrick "Patches" Kennedy tells his constituents he will not seek re-election for a ninth term. Perhaps the kitchen was getting too hot for Mr. Kennedy to handle.

Obama administration takes credit for Bush success in Iraq

In the midst of weak polls numbers, the Obama administration is grabbing on to anything that will boost the image of a flailing presidency. Everyone from President Obama to Vice President Joe Biden to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs are more than willing to say the successes in Iraq are due to Obama administration policies without crediting the President Bush's foundational groundwork, like the surge.

NOW's complaint over Tebow ad heard loud and clear in police departments

The National Organization's for Women's (NOW) attack on the Tebow Super Bowl ad as glorifying violence appears odd at first, but it is not unexpected coming from an organization like theirs. It is common, in fact, for liberal feminists groups to help institute mandatory arrest laws and primary aggressor doctrines in the area of domestic violence.

New York Gov's security detail transferred amid drugs, sex rumors

Governor David Paterson’s spokespeople are denying any possible-career ending scandal that will push him out of office as a result of a bombshell story The New York Times is said to have on him. Unconfirmed rumors relating to sex, drugs, and women appear to be the most brought up topics surrounding the story.

Videos: Late John Murtha found political controversy easy to come by

The late Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha passed away today at age 77. Mr. Murtha was caught up in a number of controversial issues over the past few years, some of which were caught on video (all below) like ABSCAM, calling U.S. Marines "murderers, accusing his own district for being "racist", and using federal taxpayer money to fund a Pennsylvania airport with his name. The first video below is of Mr. Murtha making a deal with a fictitious Arab sheik whom Murtha thought was bribing him.

Rick Lazio takes on New York Times over Paterson story

Former New York Congressman Republican Rick Lazio has sent a letter to The New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller demanding to either put up or shut up about a possible bombshell story surrounding New York Governor David Paterson (D). Elizabeth Benjamin of the New York Daily News posted the letter.