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Dems swipe back at GOP on transparency issue

The House Democratic Caucus convened this afternoon in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D - CA) office (via mainly teleconference) with members discussing the fine details of pending health care legislations passed in both the House and the Senate. 

Liberal talk radio host: GOP behind Christmas day terror plot

Radio Equalizer's Brian Maloney has posted the most incredible clip and transcript of liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy, where the radio host is accusing the GOP for being behind the attempted Christmas day bombing of Northwest flight 253. Mr. Malloy went on this outrageous conspiracy rant on his Monday show. This is the same guy, by the way, who accused "birthers", an NRA board member, and somebody who works for Senator Inhofe (R -OK) of committing arson in Los Angles fire back in September of 2009.