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Does Obama remember when Coakley snubbed him in 2008?

President Barack Obama is flying into Boston on Sunday to try and help the struggling Martha Coakley campaign in the final days of the Massachusetts Senate race. Mr. Obama must have swallowed a lot of his pride do make this trip, knowing it is all about keeping the Senate Democrats at sixty, because Ms. Coakley was not as courteous to Mr. Obama during his Boston birthday bash in 2008.

Large Brown supporter turnout at Coakley rally

If there is one thing the Scott Brown campaign is overflowing with right now, its volunteers. A rousing contingent of Brown supporters appeared at a press conference for him and former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani in front of Paul Revere's statue in a park named after the Revolutionary War era hero this afternoon and followed the Republican state Senator and Mr. Giuliani around Boston's north end. 

2008 flashback: ACORN graded Coakley A+

Mass Resistance has dug up an interesting press release in Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley's political past. In 2008 Ms. Coakley sent out an endearing press release praising the now scandal embroiled ACORN.    

Could a recount in Massachusetts Senate race become the real 'delay'?

The Democrats are counting on their 60 seat member caucus to withstand any filibuster. The special election in Massachusetts for the open Senate seat previously held buy Ted Kennedy is being watched closely. The GOP candidate, State Senator Scott Brown has closed in on Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley.