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Local news blogging: Catholic Church vs. Rep. Patrick Kennedy

An ongoing ideological battle between the nation’s Roman Catholic Church and Representative Patrick Kennedy, D-RI, continues to push national headlines. The latest flare up occurred Sunday when Rep. Kennedy announced Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin told him “not to take communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me communion.” The feud between Bishop Thomas J. Tobin and Kennedy centers around the Representative’s stance on abortion and its placement in healthcare reform.

Local news blogging: Three Dems sit on shaking fence.

The healthcare showdown in the Senate starts Saturday.  Floor debate on the bill will not open unless Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can get all 58 Democrats and two Independents to vote to allow debate to begin on Saturday. Three Democrats have been on the fence about allowing the debate to begin.  However Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson stated he will vote in favor of debate on Saturday.  Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana have yet to publicly commit.

Pence: Obama in China to visit our money

The American Spectator held its annual Robert L. Bartley dinner last night at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, DC. The dinner included speeches from the Spectator’s President Alfred S. Regnery, it’s Editor-in-Chief R. Emmet Tyrell, and Republican Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana.

Local news blogging: NYC terror trials

Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement last week that New York City will host the terror trials for suspected 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and 4 suspected co-conspiritors has ignited furious debate across the political spectrum.  Democrats overwhelmingly support the decision, with the exception of one embattled local governor, but Republicans say the trial would grant the wishes of Mohammed and put the city's security at risk.

Video: Riots at UCLA over tuition hike

Perhaps the Speaker of the House should have looked closer to home. Breitbart.tv has posted video footage of angry UCLA  students rioting outside of an administration building. Students are protesting the thirty-two percent tuition hike the school is proposing.

Schumer in '01: Those who attack the U.S. don't deserve same due process as Americans

Sen. Charles Schumer's (D - NY) support of the Obama administration's use of the civil court system to try terrorist suspects is odd to say the least. Immediately following  attacks on September 11 in December, the Senate Judiciary Committee met to discuss the idea of prosecuting terrorists in military tribunals. According to the hearing's transcript, Schumer was in favor of military tribunals to try terrorist suspects