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CJR's 'I'm a moron' excuse.

In a sharply worded critique of a ProPublica article in the Columbia Journalism Review, writer Dean Starkman uses the term "tea-bagging" to refer to Citizens Against Government Waste, a non-profit taxpayer watchdog group.

Abortion foes voting 'yes' on health care bill were played

H.R. 3962, America's Healthy Future Act, passed the House yesterday evening 215 to 220 after several hours of debate. Amid floor speeches, pro-life congressmen were also successful in writing in the pro-life oriented Stupak-Pitts amendment. However, the Washington Times found out through Rep.Henry Waxman (D- Calif.) prior the amendment's vote, that "differences" people had with the bill could be resolved later. 

Revolt at the American Medical Association over health care bill endorsement

The American Medical Association House of Delegates drew up a resolution last night which would withdraw their support of the House health care bill. Members are likely to vote on whether or not to withdraw their support of the bill earlier in the week. This action is a result of members within the organization who revolted, when the AMA initially gave the the healthcare legislation its endorsement. President Obama touted the endorsement of the AMA and AARP on Thursday at the White House.