The Washington Times - September 17, 2009, 02:27PM


As the day of my fortieth year in this world begins, I marvel at how quickly it has changed in such a short time. Even in the heartland, we enjoy our “toys”—technology that can enhance and improve our lives.


“Back in the day”, as my students say, my grandparents didn’t even know what a computer was, let alone a cell phone, mp3 player, or an electronic reader. They were not even ideas conceived of yet—at least not to the general public.

One piece of technology I have been longing for over the last couple years is Amazon’s electronic reader-the Kindle. And, for my fortieth birthday this year, my wish has been granted! I finally have my Kindle!

To an avid reader such as myself, this is akin to supplying a drug addict with a never-ending supply of his or her drug of choice.

An endless supply of words in which to get lost!

Thinking back to summers spent with my grandparents, I recall the stacks of books that were never absent from Granny’s side. She devoured a book a day, and I wonder—what would Granny think of the new-fangled contraption, that now never leaves MY side, one that literally gives me access to an infinite number of books at the “click” of a tab?

While showing off my new toy to my father today, also a voracious reader, I asked him what he thought Granny would think of my Kindle. I suggested maybe she would “file” it—like Grandpa did his false teeth and hearing aids, much preferring the feel of the paper, the smell of the book, and the weight of one in her hands.

His response made me feel a bit like a “granny” myself. Dad thought that Granny would enjoy it for one of the BIG reasons I do—its ability to make the print LARGER.

So, as I enjoy my Kindle, and download to my heart’s content, I will try to not think about the fact that as I add single digits onto my 4-0, that the font size of the reading material on my beloved Kindle is most likely going increase as well.