The Washington Times - September 6, 2009, 12:02PM

Fall is in the air, and in my neck of the woods we are harvesting fruits and vegetables of all kinds. I did get some sweet corn to freeze thanks to some cousins/ neighbors across the highway who heard about my ravaged corn patch and who were more than willing to share their superfluous golden goodness with me.



 I am still hoping for more Roma tomatoes to turn so I can plump up my homemade salsa supply. 


The grapevine is also heavy with grapes and while I sit drinking my coffee this morning I am feeling the pull to get out of the chair and clean grapes and prepare them for grape juice, jam, and possibly a bottle of two of a juice or another type of homemade beverage.


And of course fall also brings FOOTBALL. Here in Iowa, we love our Hawks and Clones. Let me rephrase that. You love EITHER the Hawks or the Clones.


The two teams haven’t even played each other yet, but on Facebook yesterday, the newest way to talk “smack” for or against your favorite team, has already begun! The rivalries began after the Hawkeyes squeaked by UNI 17-16 on TWO blocked field goal attempts in the last second of the game.


And it was a Cyclone fan that started it all with just one seemingly innocent statement.


“ Can’t believe what I just saw.”


Of course the instigator shall remain nameless, but the question remains, just how did a game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the UNI Panthers stir up a rivalry between the Hawks and the Cylcones?


Only in Iowa.


It might have been this blogger who added a little fuel to the fire by saying maybe that Cyclone fan is in shock because he had never seen the Cyclones do anything so awesome. Maybe.


Said ISU fan may have retorted that only Hawkeye fans would be so giddy after winning a game against an FCS team by 1—or something like that.


Fifteen comments later, you would not have known Iowa played UNI as all talk was of a redshirt freshman starting at running back, pansies, and something about ISU’s defense being as good as tackling dummies.


Let the Hawk and Clone fans fight it out. When I’m not taking care of my family, teaching, or coaching my varsity volleyball team, I will be on the sidelines taking stats for MY favorite football team, a team that plays with more heart than all the Hawks and Clones combined—the Mormon Trail Saints, of course!