The Washington Times - August 12, 2008, 06:07PM

Carrera GO!!! Batman Car and Track Set (Carrera, $74.99) One of the leading manufacturers of slot car racing tracks pays tribute to the Dark Knight with a set that does not quite deliver the high speed thrills touted.

Surprisingly easy to assemble, the course’s 29 pieces of track includes a loop for each car, a high banked curve, a bit of Joker style art playing card art. The result transforms into 20 feet of raceway almost 7-feet long.


A pair of analog speed burst controllers (a button is pressed for a burst), guard rails featuring a cityscape of Gotham, a Bat logo to attach to a curve, track embedded lap counters and enough joint connectors and scaffolding to keep the track stable and together complete the features.

The Carrera GO!!! Batman Car and Track Set

Pretty impressive, however, the obvious appeal here is the 1:43 scale vehicles and I’ve got good and bad news.

First, the Batmobile and Jo-Car look great. The beefy sizes and rubber wheels are perfect for younger drivers to appreciate and the top-notch paint jobs will please fans.

This version of Batman’s trusted car is nicknamed Hyperdrive and based on a 2005 design seen in a comic book crossover between Batman and J. Scott Campbell, Danger Girls (remember them cheesecake loving crime fighters).

It has working headlights, hugs the track tighter than Selina Kyle in her Catwoman costume and rips around the course with the controller pushed to the metal.

The Jo-Car is the trouble spot. Using designs from the 1989 Batman movie, its stock body sports the criminal’s pasty face on the grill and some slick purple patches, card with his mug and “Ha, Ha.” Symbols.

The Carrera GO!!! Batman Car and Track Set features great looking versions of the Batmobile and Jo-Car.

So far so good, my cackling comrade. Unfortunately, the Clown Prince of Crime’s inspired transportation flew off the track any time speed was applied as he tried to catch his enemy.

It takes frustratingly careful manipulation of the controller to keep this vehicle on the track and forget the speed bursts.

This would all be fine if the Batmobile reacted the same way but it just attacked curves and never really needed a speed burst since the Jo-car had no chance of catching it.

It is a disappointing experience for younger players as it’s no longer a race but an exercise in physics as the Jo-Car has no way to challenge the Batmobile.