The Washington Times - June 24, 2009, 05:41PM

By Greg Bennett

Legendary comic book store owner Greg Bennett provides a pair of recommendations for comic book lovers every week. Titles are either currently on specialty store shelves or shipping or in the near future. Fans can also click on the covers to appreciate the fine art.


Irredeemable Ant-man from Marvel Publishing

Irredeemable Ant-man, trade paperback, Marvel Publishing ($34.99)

What happens when an idiot who works for S.H.I.E.L.D. gets his hands on an experimental Ant-man suit? Nothing good—but it’s really funny. Written by Robert (Invincible, Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies) Kirkman!

Hitman Vol.1: A Rage in Arkham from DC Comics

Hitman Vol.1: A Rage in Arkham, trade paperback, DC Comics ($14.99)

What happens when Garth Ennis writes a comic about a super-powered hitman (who only kills evildoers) in Gotham City? It’s hilarious—in a black humor kind of way. Especially when he “teams up” with Batman. Highly recommended!

Greg Bennett is the Owner/Manager of Big Planet Comics, a chain of pop art specialty stores in the DC Metro area with locations in Georgetown, Bethesda, Vienna, & College Park.