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Dear Reader,

Since 1982, The Washington Times has been a trusted counterweight to the mainstream media with reliable reporting and conservative opinion. We think that’s worth protecting, and we hope you do too.

Christopher Dolan
President and Executive Editor

Presidents, lawmakers and world leaders rely on our coverage, but The Times was founded to represent readers outside the Capital Beltway by promoting American values — freedom, faith and family — and to challenge a media establishment catering to coastal elites.

That mission is just as vital today.

Recently, The Washington Times was declared one of the most trusted news outlets in America — a fact that isn’t news to our supporters. Still, it’s worth noting that the respected Simmons Research ranked us No. 5 among newspapers and No. 10 among all media platforms, including online, radio and television.

Such quality reporting on politics, national security and global affairs is labor-intensive and expensive. That’s why we are rolling out a new digital subscription for our online readers.

Our website has introduced a metered paywall, limiting free access to our news articles and opinion pieces. Current subscribers to The Times’ daily print edition will still enjoy full access and can register their accounts by clicking here.

Other readers will get six free articles and/or columns each month, but to go beyond that will require a subscription. We understand this approach may have the biggest impact on some of our most loyal web readers. We hope you will see it as a small investment in quality journalism.

Our new digital subscription gives you unlimited access to our hard-hitting reporting and investigations as well as our expanding roster of top columnists, including Charles Hurt, Wesley Pruden, Tammy Bruce, Stephen Moore and former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The subscription also includes a digital version of the print newspaper delivered to your inbox every morning and early access to events with our reporters, editors and columnists.

Please purchase an annual subscription today.

Thank you for your support,

Christopher Dolan
President and Executive Editor

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