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Flunking is the new norm at racist Eric H. Holder Jr.’s Department of Injustice. In yet another ugly, blatant and defining racist move, Mr. Holder is forcing the city ofDayton, Ohio, to lower the passing threshhold on the test for those wanting to be police officers because not enough black recruits passed the exam.

Instead of attracting the best and brightest to serve the public, racist Mr. Holder will now ensure that the good residents of Dayton will be protected by dunce cops who score the equivalent of a D or F on the entrance exam.

Entrance exam scores may also be lowered for firefighters so that more black applicants can be accepted.

What Mr. Holder clearly wants by forcing his racist substandards on the good citizens of Dayton is to ensure people he favors get a fair shake at becoming cops by lowering the standards to such a degree that there might as well not be any entrance exams.

Before long, the question “Can you tie your shoes?” will bedeemed racially insensitive.

Dayton residents had better hope Mr. Holder does not encourage members of the racist New Black Panther Party to move to Dayton and become police officers where they could then legally intimidate white citizens without fear of reprisal from Mr. Holder’s Department of Injustice. If the citizens complained, he could scold them and call them “racial cowards.”

Leaving aside that Mr. Holder’s Department of Injustice should stay the heck out of Dayton’s entrance exam standards (which were already pathetically low), the issue that should boil the blood of Dayton residents is that their tax dollars will pay the salaries of public employees who are functionally illiterate - the very bottom of the barrel.

So much for excellence, right, Eric the racist?

Public employees should be held to the highest of standards. I’m just a guitarslayer, but should we not expect - demand - that employees paid with tax dollars be the brightest instead of the dumbest?

Being a cop or a firefighter should not be a social experiment to provide jobs for people who are almost too dumb to breathe. These are professions that citizens rely on to save their lives, literally. Waiting for Mr. Holder’s idiots to show up can be a death sentence for citizens. These idiots will also put the lives of their fellow cops and firefighters at risk. It’s another whiz-bang bureaucrat lose-lose deal.

What Mr. Holder could not have imagined is that even the Dayton NAACP believes lowering the scores is wrong. Of course, it’s wrong and it demeans those other cops, especially those other black cops who earned their positions. The real message of Mr. Holder’s decision is that black citizens are too dumb to make it on their own. How soulless, how racist a position is that?

Standards for public employees should be raised from pathetically, dismally low standards to exemplary. We should demand tough, rigid tests that cull out the idiots and reward the best and brightest. Private companies have rigid employment standards and do their best to weed out poor performers. The standards for public employees should at least be the same.

Mr. Holder believes otherwise. He believes public employment is a social experiment to provide jobs to certain people and his wrong-headed, racist Dayton decision proves that.

Maybe President Obama will come to Dayton and have a beer with angry citizens and try and assuage their concerns. What the president should do is fire the racist punk Mr. Holder for a pattern of ugly racist statements and behavior.

Unfortunately, Mr. Holder passed Mr. Obama’s low, low standards.

Racism lives, and it lives in the Obama crony administration. How sad.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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