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When I was a little girl, we played a game called Simon Says. The person in the role of Simon would give a command, and we had to do exactly as Simon ordered or face elimination from the game. Interestingly, Simon Says is rooted in Latin tradition, “Cicero dicit fac hoc,” which means “Cicero says to do this.”

I think it is appropriate to draw an analogy between Simon Says and President Obama and his position on homosexual “marriage.” Mr. Obama is in the role of Simon; as the leader, he has endorsed homosexual “marriage.” The players are those who have followed his command. Many have agreed with his stance. After Mr. Obama endorsed homosexual “marriage” in May, the NAACP followed in lock step and endorsed the practice in June. Why? Because Simon said so. They are following the leader.

Consequently, some black leaders, members of the clergy and the masses of Democrats have eagerly heard the command and have agreed with Mr. Obama. In an effort to avoid elimination from the game, the Democratic Party also has responded to Simon’s call to endorse homosexual “marriage” in its platform.

Some criticize us for not supporting the practice, but accepting homosexuals and lesbians is a separate issue from redefining marriage for millions of Americans. Homosexuals and lesbians have been around for a long time, though many of them were “in the closet.” Over time, they have crept out of the closet, and now they want to take over the entire house. If a man loves another man or a woman desires another woman, there is nothing in our current law stopping two consenting adults from engaging in a relationship, though it is not normal behavior. We are about to cross a dangerous line, with civil leaders trying to force all Americans to accept homosexual unions and change the historical and biblical definition of marriage.

Marriage is a sacred institution that is recognized in every culture around the globe. Marriage between one man and one woman was established by God for procreation. This union creates a family, and it is necessary for the healthy development of children, who need both a mom and a dad in the home.

The black American community already is plagued with problems related to children growing up in single-parent households. For example, a boy who lacks a father in the home is more likely to engage in delinquent and criminal behavior unless he has a positive male role model to help shape him. The homosexual agenda, which attempts to redefine family and marriage, will erode the very foundation of our society. It will place our youth on a dangerous trajectory toward a bleak future in which mothers and fathers don’t matter, values don’t matter and children are placed at risk.

Evidence shows that the lack of intact families in our society leads to social, psychological and emotional problems for children. Why would Mr. Obama want to make homosexual “marriage” equal to traditional marriage when children already face a multitude of issues? The president and others want to legitimize and normalize homosexual “marriage” and shove it down the throats of those who disagree because he is the leader and he said so.

Like Cicero, Mr. Obama is a politician and a good orator. Like me, many Americans were caught up in the hype. In 2008, I voted for the unknown senator from Illinois who campaigned for the office of president before even finishing his first term as senator. Few had even heard of Barack Obama, yet he came on the scene with energy, enthusiasm, passion, charm, youth and great speeches. I voted for him for the aforementioned reasons, but mostly because he is black.

What black person would deny the first black man running for the highest office in America a chance to become president? He represented hope for us all, and he was the realization of the dream for many Americans who never thought they would live to see a black president. We were soon disillusioned. Mr. Obama has betrayed us by his endorsement of homosexual “marriage,” putting our country on a dangerous path and our children and families in peril.

On the homosexual “marriage” issue, this black mom is not following Mr. Obama.

Our hope in man, even one man, cannot come at the cost of our hope in God.

Our future as a nation is at stake. Our freedom is in the balance. Mr. Obama has given his followers an invalid command: Endorse homosexual “marriage.” This edict must not be the law of this land. The risks are too great.

Deborah Owens is president and CEO of Mission: Education and wife of the Rev. William Owens of the Coalition of African-American Pastors.



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